Trader Algoritmico’s indicators are meticulously designed for NinjaTrader 8, featuring real-time analysis, advanced volume profiling, and precise order flow visualization, we also bring the tape to the chart as dots when something very unusual happens, not only realying in bid/ask as all other competitors. If this was not enough, we offer the most powerful trade manager and copy trader in the market. Our unique algorithms provide deep market insights, helping users make informed trading decisions with features tailored to both discretionary and automated systems.

Our indicators cater to a diverse range of traders, from beginners seeking to understand market dynamics to advanced traders looking to refine their strategies with sophisticated analytics. Regardless of your trading experience, our tools can be a valuable asset in your trading arsenal thanks to our simplicity, where most of them is as simple as: price is above, buy OR price is below, sell.

Yes, we provide comprehensive educational resources, including tutorials, webinars, and a dedicated support. These materials are crafted to help users fully leverage the power of our NinjaTrader 8 indicators.

We provide a maximum of 1000 levels of depth.

You will receive the tutorials links when you buy the indicators by email.


After payment, the activation of your indicators is processed promptly. In the next 24 hours.

Certainly, we offer flexible upgrade options. If you start with a price action license and decide you need more advanced features, such as real-time volume profiling, you can upgrade your package by buying the new package you are interested in. We will refund to your card the remaining time of your subscription.

Only the stellar subscription come with 2 licenses, 1 license can be used only on one computer.

We do offer trial versions of our order flow analysis tools so you can experience their robust capabilities firsthand. These trials are fully functional for a limited period, allowing you to evaluate the tools with your trading workflow.

Subscriptions can be paused under certain conditions, and resumed when you are ready to trade again. Please contact our support team to arrange for a subscription pause.

To transfer your Trader Algoritmico license, write us an email to deactivate it on the old machine and reactivate it on the new one using the machine id of the new computer. Our support team can assist you if you encounter any issues.

After installing the indicators and until the activation of your subscription you should see a warning message saying that your indicators are expired, just wait few hours. If any issues arise, consult our manual or reach out to support.

With your brokerage account, in Ninjatrader, you can record tick-by-tick data and practice in the simmulator to get used to our indicators or to improve your strategies by using either manual or automatic trading.

No, they will not work at all, neither in real-time data nor historical data.


You do not need to do anything. The payment process is automatized and we will receive your Machine ID, it will be activated in few hours. Please be sure to give to us the correct Ninjatrader Machine ID in the process.

Our indicators are designed to be compatible with NinjaTrader 8, which can also be linked to various broker platforms for a seamless trading experience.

Our indicators work well with both the free and paid versions of NinjaTrader 8, only the HeatMap required a level 2 subscription data since it needs access to the different levels of depth in the market.

We recommend using data feeds that offer the highest accuracy and minimal delay, such as CQG, Rithmic, or Interactive Brokers, to ensure realistic simulation results. So, if you are an Interactive Brokers user, you could use our software to trade there with the free version of ninjatrader!

Our indicators are versatile and can be used across futures, forex, stock markets and crypto, making them suitable for a wide range of trading activities. If you need information about how to access to any of that instruments, just reach us by email.

Volume profile indicators are highly effective in liquid markets such as major forex pairs, popular indices, and high-volume futures contracts. We have developed the most relevant and accurate indicator of all times that nobody else have. Advanced Tick Analyzer, with this indicator you can use it in low liquidity markets to detect market manipulation. This allow you to trade ANY instrument out there, being precise and profitable.


New users should start with our foundational tutorials to understand the basics of volume trading and then proceed to explore indicator-specific guidance.

They will be located in: Indicators -> Trader-algoritmico

Alert settings should be based on your trading style, but we generally recommend setting thresholds near significant levels, like VPOC or daily pivots.

Use the chat button in this page to reach us.

Prices above best ask are sellers while prices below best bid are buyers.

A modern computer with at least 8GB of RAM, a multi-core processor, and a stable internet connection is recommended for the best performance.


Yes, you retain access to any indicators you've purchased until the end of the period you have paid for.

You can cancel or modify your subscription by contacting our customer service team directly.


We offer a subscription service that keeps your indicators up to date with the latest features and improvements. For this to work, you need to subscribe in the main page to our newsletter. Then, you download the indicators again from the same link you received when bought your subscription.

Currently, we provide indicators subscriptions, but we are exploring the addition of strategy-based subscriptions and VPS subscriptions. Stay tuned for updates.

Our AI Platform offers advanced trade analysis, predictive market modeling, statistical data, personalized strategy recommendations, data tick-by-tick for ninjatrader (around 1.5 years), stocks, options and crypto data, strategy builder, strategy tester and strategies uncorrelation, where you upload the trades for your different strategies and gives you the best combination between them to have a linear balance curve.

You select the indicators you want and the instruments inside of the AI platform and we keep you updated by telegram whenever what you defined happens, you do not need to have your computer on.

Yes, with the AI platform you will receive an unique and enhanced Alerts indicator that allows you to trade directly from telegram when you receive a notification, specifying the ATM you want to use, everything by doing click. Also, you will receive notifications when you enter the trade and when it exits the trade.