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Our Services for Our Preferred Platform

We use AI to analyze the market in many indicators. Some of them also imply python code with data analysis to offer insights in real-time directly on the chart.

Price action indicators

Designed to enhance your trading experience. From identifying market trends to detecting significant price levels and volume patterns in real-time.

Volume Indicators

Elevate your trading by using the ATA, the alerts system, the HeatMap, the Order Flow and more. These  empower you to spot big hands and future reversion or break out points and execute  trades with timing and high confidence, whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out. 

Tape and DOM to chart indicators

Important buyers and big players looking for liquidity displayed directly on your chart, with dots, in a very visual way.

Addons to protect you

Use the trade manager and the other tools to never skip the trading plan nor lose a funded account. Study your strategy and do better what you do best.

Become algorithmic

All our suite can be used to built strategies into the strategy builder.

Knowledge in depth

Mix of C# (indicators) and Python (Artificial Intelligence) to offer unique insights.

Make it Easy

No need to have many windows to display Level 2, tape, volume... Have it all in the same, clean and simple.

Have an additional edge

Receive market data faster, like magic, do not believe it? Check out this video


What People Say About us

It is incredible that you actually made ninja receive the data feed faster from Rithmic

Layachi B.


I have been using Jigsaw for over a year, but your software is simply better, more advanced and cheaper.

Yan Vitorio C.

Independent Trader

Man, I have no words to describe the lines that ATA draws, how it shows in real time the bottoms and tops is soo good.

Maciej K.



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+41 763613839


Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland

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