What we can do for you

Detect the market trend

Unlike traditional indicators that rely on fixed time frames to analyze trends, our "FiltroTendencia" indicator uses volatility and impulse strength for a more accurate and timely market trend detection. This innovative approach allows traders to make decisions based on the current market dynamics without the constraints of time frames, offering a significant advantage in fast-moving markets. This feature alone sets us apart, providing traders with intuitive, color-coded signals—green for buy and red for sell—ensuring straightforward and effective trading decisions.

Automatically draw price action levels using AI

Our "BandasBillar" indicator utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to automatically identify and draw the most relevant price action levels. Whether you're trading on time-based or non-time-based charts, this tool adapts to your needs, enhancing your analytical capabilities without additional effort. This is particularly useful for traders who require precision and efficiency, integrating seamlessly with any trading strategy.

Recive market data faster

Sounds like magic? It is, but it is real, not an illusion, check the video of our professional indicator "Tick Electrifier". Our software not only promises but delivers faster data transmission, providing you with an undeniable edge over other market participants, regardless of the broker.

Real time tape, big hands and relevant volume points 

Bring visually the tape and the DOM to the chart in an intelligent way by analizing every single transaction and draw points in the most relevant point of the day until now by using our stellar indicator "Advanced Tick Analyzer (ATA).

Talking about volume, check also what is going to happen

Trader-algoritmico excels in simplifying the trading experience by integrating essential tools such as real-time tape, DOM, and crucial volume points directly into your chart. Our "Advanced Tick Analyzer" (ATA) and "HeatMap" indicators process every transaction to highlight the most relevant trading points and potential future market pivots, all within a single, streamlined interface. This not only reduces screen clutter but also enhances decision-making speed and accuracy.

More in Depth: Order Flow

Add our stellar indicator "Order Flow" + addons to your chart to check what is happening on every tick, how many buyers and sellers are there and many more things with its addons.

Volume Profiles

Our suite includes specialized tools like "Order Flow" and customizable "Volume Profiles" that provide detailed insights into every tick of the market. Unlike Jigsaw’s offering, our Volume Profile Pro and Volume Profile Chart allow for minute, hourly, or daily breakdowns—or even user-defined ranges—offering unparalleled flexibility and precision.


Copy your trades between different accounts inside NT8, between different NT8 instances in the same computer or in different computers and also between NT8 and MT4 and MT5.

Study your data

Export everything you have loaded on your chart (price, volume, indicator values) to study it, to draw charts, conclusions and get useful insights. Do data analytics to your data!

Trade Manager

Trader-algoritmico goes beyond basic trade execution with an advanced Trade Manager. This feature helps manage your trades more effectively by setting safety stop losses, trailing stops linked to indicators, and liquidation thresholds to protect your account from unexpected market moves. This comprehensive approach to risk management is critical for maintaining profitability and capital preservation.

Do not forget about the news

Have the news on your chart, set alerts before the news or check how long do you have until then. You can also draw lines on the chart in the future on the relevant news, so you know it is approaching in a more visual way.

Spread / Arbitrage

Choose the instruments and let our software tell you which instrument is stronger or weaker, plot all of them in the same scale and have them update in real-time. Use the divergence to create your own strategies.

And many more things...

This is just a grasp. Discover more in our indicators section.




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